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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR - What is CSR and how does it work? 

Corporate Social Responsibility or “CSR” can mean different things to different businesses. 

Below we have set out some of the key concepts underlying CSR:

  • Putting something back into the community;
  • Investing in worthwhile causes, institutions or organisations;
  • Providing support to community initiatives;
  • Promoting or contributing to environmental sustainability.


CSR can work in a variety of ways.  Some businesses adopt “green” or ethical business practices.  Other organisations make generous donations to charitable causes or help fundraise on their behalf.  Alternatively, companies can provide time or assistance to help out with community based projects.

The benefits to business are numerous.  Fundraising events can provide networking opportunities, encourage team spirit and give your business a good reputation in the local community.  Fundraising events can attract the interest of the local media and increase awareness of your organisation’s products or services.


How can businesses help raise money for Saffron Green?

We are asking local businesses to fundraise on behalf of Saffron Green.  Below are some ideas of the type of events you could run but we are sure that you will be able to think of lots more!  If you are interested in fundraising for Saffron Green, please contact us using the details in the Contact Us section.


Hold fundraising events on our behalf

Holding fundraising events and donating the proceeds to Saffron Green presents great networking opportunities and a way to promote your company within the local community.


Charity quizzes

Everyone loves a charity quiz.  Book a local venue and invite your business contacts.  Charge a fixed price per table and task your most exuberant employee with the role of quiz master. 


Put some good prizes on offer and sell tickets to friends, family, colleagues and associates. 


Encourage your employees to take part in sponsored events

Encouraging your employees to take part in sponsored events – and sponsoring them – is a fantastic way to raise money, encourage team building skills and (depending whether you go for a cycle ride or a baked bean bath) promote healthy living.  Here are just a few ideas of the sponsored events you could organise:

  • 5k run
  • Cycle ride
  • Swimming gala
  • Relay races
  • Sitting in a bath full of baked beans


We’re sure you get the idea!

Work in partnership with us at our organised events

We welcome assistance at our organised events.  We have some exciting fundraising ideas, many of which involve the local community.


There are numerous ways in which you could help, for example:

  • Offering prizes for our fundraising events
  • Volunteering to help at our fundraising events, for example, running stalls, baking cakes, singing on stage
  • Promoting our events through your business
  • Attending events organised by us - such as the charity golf day that we are organising.


Make a donation

We welcome donations from businesses.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact us using the details below.


Why is Saffron Green trying to raise money?

By sponsoring Saffron Green, local businesses can make a real difference to the education of children in Borehamwood and support environmental sustainability in our community buildings.  By doing this, businesses invest in future generations and the local community. 


What makes Saffron Green special?

Saffron Green is an ambitious forward thinking school which serves a diverse local community.  We aim to make a positive difference to children’s lives and recognise that this requires us to consider much more than just a child’s educational needs.  As such, we seek to provide a wide range of additional facilities for children and their families. 

Saffron Green focuses on providing an accessible and dynamic learning environment that offers the best possible educational opportunities for every child - from the “hardest to reach” children for example those with learning difficulties or challenging behaviour, to the brightest pupils who need an extra challenge.  We believe in seizing every opportunity to learn, in lessons, in the playground, in the dining room... we are working to create an environment where children can’t help learning!


There is compelling evidence that pupils who succeed at school go on to have happier and healthier lives, are more likely to avoid crime and antisocial behaviour and go on to contribute positively to society. We want to give every child that opportunity.

At Saffron Green, every child receives excellent educational opportunities, tailored to the needs of the individual child.


How will the money be used?

The money will be used to replace key educational and environmental features that have been lost as a result of the budget cuts.  These features include:

  • An imaginative reading area;
  • An innovative Library for parents and children;
  • Outdoor play equipment and seating;
  • A covered outdoor learning area;
  • Solar panels
  • Water harvesting

Improving the quality of the learning environment helps all our children to achieve their academic potential and develop as emotionally healthy young people.  We can ensure that our “hardest to reach” children have the opportunity for a better life.  


Creating sustainable buildings is fundamental to preserving the world for our children.  We also believe that educating children (and others) about the environmental issues facing us and future generations is important.  By building environmental features into our building we emphasise the importance of sustainability and educate children about these important values.


An investment in Saffron Green is an investment in the future generation.   We hope you are able to support our school and contribute to the academic achievement and wellbeing of our pupils.


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