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Welcome to Nursery 

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Welcome to Nursery!

As we start the spring term in Nursery we very excited to introduce our new teacher Mr Flanagan! 

We will be looking at two very exciting topics throughout the term. To begin with we will explore 'animals and their babies' and then move on to our topic 'once upon a time' where we will look closely at traditional tales. 

We will continue to develop our personal and social development through interactions with our peers and opportunities to explore our feelings and how these effect others. We will also focus on listening and recalling stories, asking questions that explore why things happen and building vocabulary that reflects our experiences. we will look at describing settings and characters delving into how stories and structured. 

In maths we will be learning about number problems, separating a group of objects in different ways, counting actions, and looking at the similarities of shapes in the environment. We will explore beginning to count reliably beyond 10! 

Everything we do in the EYFS is build around play. Playing helps young children’s brains to develop and supports maturity in their language and communication skills. It is important to recognise the crucial role that play has in early childhood development.

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