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Summer Term

Throughout the Summer term in Nursery, we are learning all about our community and journeys. We have been doing this through a wide range of activities both adult led and child initiated. The children are enjoying talking about the different journeys that they go on and the buildings that they see on these. We will take this further to talk about what happens in different communities and the way we can celebrate the similarities and differences between ourseles and our friends. 

The children have begun to look at their journeys to school and the buildings that they go past on this journey. They have thought about how they could use our junk modelling resources to create a building. We will be going on to think about how the varying communities we have been thinking about might use these buildings in different ways. The children will also be spending a lot of time outside exploring the environment around us and how as a school community we can protect it and all the living things within it. 



This term in phonics Miss Brown's group have had a focus on differentiating between sounds and being able to spot where they have come from. The children are enjoying playing the instruments and exploring the different sounds that they make. They have even thought of how to make the sounds using their voices! Mr Fasset's group are also enjoying moving further in their phonics. They have had a focus on furthering their understanding of alliteration and are moving on to using mirrors to see how their faces are shaped when they make different sounds with their voices.



In Maths this term, the children have been furthering their understanding of number. They have enjoyed learning where we can go with numbers and how we can use these in everyday life. The children have tried hard to understand the 'numberness' of number through the cardinal principal and subitising.