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Autumn Term

Throughout the Autumn term in Nursery, we have been learning all about ourselves and each other. We have done this through a wide range of activities both adult led and child initiated. The children have enjoyed talking about their own families and the special times they have spent together, as well as hearing their friends talk about their home lives. They have since enjoyed pushing this further to learn about a range of festivals and celebrations that occur in a variety of cultures and religions.  

The children have done drawings of their families in their homes and begun to add to their ‘All about me’ books. They enjoy looking back at these and reflecting on their work both alone and with their friends. They have also enjoyed exploring the ‘home corner’ of the classroom and using the resources provided to re-enact the motions seen in adults. Many of the children have also enjoyed combining the construction area of the classroom with the small world area creating scenarios familiar to them. The children have also taken this learning further into our outdoor environment with many of the children enjoying the time they spend in the ‘mud kitchen’.



This term in phonics we have had a focus on the sounds around us and the sounds we can make using our bodies. The children have explored a range of sounds that they would hear both inside and outside the classroom. They have also used musical instruments and their bodies to explore further into sound and how they can be changed. We have begun to look at rhyme and rhythm and many of the children have come to an understanding of beat and the relationship of sound to the music we are used to hearing. The children are beginning to explore further into what we mean by rhyming words and where we might hear these.



In maths this term, the children have begun to develop their understanding of both shape and number. They have enjoyed creating patterns with shapes and have explored number and the different ways that we can represent numerals using resources and our bodies.