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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

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Year 5

Spring Term 2024

What a great start to the year we had in Year 5! I am really proud of the progress the children have made in Autumn term. Let's see if we can continue on this track...


In our English lessons we will be getting the chance to explore a range of different poetry styles. We will think carefully about the differences between them as well as understanding their wider purpose and audience. We will think carefully about both their structures and their language features. We will also, spend some time beginning to understand the purpose of healthy debate and its relevance in society. 


In Maths we will continue on our track of understanding various methods and applications of concepts. We will start by focusing on exploring more strategies for multiplying and dividing mentally before moving on to explore worded problems and how to approach these. We will also get the opportunity to think about written methods and how to use these for all four of the mathematical operations.


We are very lucky this term in Science as we will get to explore the exciting topic of space. This will be an opportunity for us to understand just how we fit in the solar system as well as going in to depth about the moon and how this links to timings throughout the day. Our final area we will explore within space will be space junk, specifically thinking about what this is and how it can impact us as humans.


We will also continue to explore a range of other curriculum areas. 

In History, we will be moving on from the Tudors to look at Ancient Greece. We will spend time thinking about how their lives were different to ours but also how their society has impacted the way in which our own society is run today.

In Geography, we will be moving on from our learning about the Alps and beginning to think about our oceans and why it really is that they matter so much.

In Art, we will look in to some contemporary art and how this portrays all of the wonderful learning we cover about space.

In DT, we will use our understanding of electrical circuits to create our very own 'doodlers'.

Have a lovely Christmas break!