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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

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Year 5 

Autumn Term 2022

We are extremely excited to begin a new year 5 journey this term. We are a new team together in year 5 and very much look forward to the year ahead. 


We will be investigating chemistry, biology and physics this term, beginning by predicting, planning and carrying out a range of experiments to understand materials, solubility and filtration.


We will be studying the Ancient Greeks this term, delving into Greek mythology and the Gods themselves.


This term we will be taking a trip to North and South America and investigating all these fascinating places have to offer.


Through the work of Henri Matisse we will learn all about Impressionist art and develop the skills to create our own paintings in the style of these great artists.


This term will be all about structures, we hope our final pieces will be real working kites.


Our exploration will take us on a comparative journey, comparing and contrasting a range of areas through Christianity and Judaism.

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Year 5

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