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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

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Year 5 
Autumn Term


This term, Year 5 have been focusing on many exciting topics across a range subject areas including History, Art and Music.

In In History, we have been looking at Angelo Saxons. The children looked closely at how the Angelo Saxons came to invade the UK and went on to explore how they lived and what they believed in. They created some amazing settlements both in school and at home. In Art, the children have been exploring Gustav Klimt. They focused particularly on his piece of art called ‘The Kiss’ and created their own versions. They looked at what symbolism meant and created hidden meanings in their own pieces of art.  In D&T we baked salt dough decorations that we painted and hung on our classroom Christmas tree.


Maths this term, has been about the difference between multiples and factors of numbers, including finding factors that different numbers have in common. We have looked at great depth into addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using place value to support us in our calculations. The children have explored a range of written strategies such as the grid method, expanded column method and short column method.


In English, we have been learning about narratives, non-chronological reports and descriptive language. We have explored the use of key features such as sub-headings, headings, paragraphs, diagrams and captions whilst studying Monsterology, and have looked at adjectives, adverbials, conjunctions, and clauses in our narratives to ensure we are creating complex senses that capture the reader.