Saffron Green Primary School

  1. Curriculum


Click here for our long term English planning.

At Saffron Green we aim to promote high standards of language and literacy that will equip the children with the fundamental skills in becoming a competent reader and writer. We provide a wealth of reading opportunities through quality texts and learning activities to enable pupils to be engaged in and be inspired to write. We recognise speaking and listening skills are important to all areas of learning therefore, we ensure learning environments are print rich, meaningful and allow for a sense of nurture to ensure all children feel they can express themselves fluently. 

 This year we have used the Herts for Learning Back on Track English plans to support our teachers in an effective delivery of the English curriculum upon wider school opening, ensuring that key skills are prioritised and taught within rich and engaging contexts.

Please click on the link for the national curriculum for England guidance. 


In EYFS and Key Stage 1, we implement the Read Write Inc phonic scheme, alongside a range of book resources used to enhance reading and writing. Children learn one thing at a time and practise it until it becomes second nature. Interactive practice helps to keep the children focused, and since implementing the scheme in 2016 we have seen learning develop exponentially at all abilities. 

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At Saffron Green we fully embrace the Maths Essential curriculum which develops fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We teach a clear sequenced curriculum which allows knowledge and skills to be gained at each stage. Through these carefully planned sequences, teachers are able to consistently assess and inform the children’s learning against age-related expectations.

Key facts are vital to all aspects of maths and we have a strong focus at Saffron Green on developing our knowledge of times tables. We address misconceptions and develop reasoning skills by asking the children to explain, justify and prove their answers. We use concrete resources and both pictorial and abstract representations to demonstrate their mathematical understanding.


 Please click on the link for the national curriculum for Mathematics guidance.


The National Curriculum forms the content of most of what is taught in Years 1-6 and consists of eleven subjects for primary-aged children.  This is divided into core and foundation subjects.  The core subjects are as follow




Physical Education



Modern Foreign Language 

Design and Technology

Religious Education