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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 

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Summer Term 

Year 2 created information leaflets in geography they researched about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and discussed how the impact of global warming and pollution has on the reef. They were amazed to see the beautiful corals that created the reef so they produced their own reef drawings in their posters and leaflets. We also went on a trip to the science museum in preparation for our history topic next term. They saw amazing models of rockets including parts of a rocket, the solar system and a model of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon.


We will be advancing our knowledge on the Moon landing and Neil Armstrong and exploring what they did in space through questioning and the result of this we will create a newspaper article to share what we have learnt about the events which took place in 1969. In addition to this we will do a bit of exploration looking into space and finding out what is actually in space and look at the current projects being held in space including the research on Mars!  


Year 2 will be looking at weather and climate and identify the differences between both. Then they will look at different types of climate which includes polar climates, equatorial (tropical) climates and desert climates.


In art we will be looking at the beauty of flowers and how artists create sculptures and paintings of flowers. Our main focus will be on Georgia O’Keeffe to create their own painting of a flower on a canvas using water colours following Georgia O’Keeffe’s techniques.


We will be making a portable snack at the end of our D&T unit. Throughout the summer term we will develop skills on how to spread, grate, peel, fork secure, bridge hold and fold different food items.  


In Science Year 2 will be observing and looking at how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants. They will also describe what plants need to stay healthy.

Spring Term 

Year 2 have enjoyed performing in the Christmas play in front of a live audience for the first time. It was an absolute cracker! They participated in a speed stacking event which they had enjoyed and did very well. A few things were learnt from their cinema trip to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog which included speaking up and dealing with conflicts with peers.


In the spring term year 2 will focus on a significant individual that had a big hand in the development of the Civil Rights Act. We will be deepening our understanding on how Rosa Parks protest has changed the society we live in today. After looking at the continent Europe and focusing on the country UK Year 2 will travel to the next continent and begin their learning journey on Australia to find out about the Great Coral Reef and Aboriginal people. We continue to learn about Islam and Christianity and compare both religions to see the similarities and differences between both. In PSHE year 2 will continue to look at relationships with families and friends and then they will begin to learn about their own health and well being focusing on eating healthily and being active. They will create a litter grabber in D&T and develop their knowledge on how designers create products. In Art the focus will be on portraits and the skills needed to produce a portrait. In addition to this they will be looking at Italian artists and comparing the pieces that they have developed.

Autumn Term 2022

Welcome back everyone!

We are looking forward to seeing you all in September to continue your learning journey in Year 2. This year we will work together collaboratively as a class to learn new and exciting topics.



We will start the year developing our writing skills by exploring a fascinating book called 'Africa, Amazing Africa' by Atinuke. The most exciting thing is that we will be exploring this book as a whole school so children can share their learning with other year groups.


In science we will begin the year investigating materials by asking questions, recording information, looking at grouping and understanding how materials are made and the process of making a material.



In year 2, we will be deepening our understanding on The Great Fire of London using our learning from Year 1. We will investigate the effect of the fire on people’s daily lives, find evidence on how the fire stopped and debate if all primary evidence of the fire were destroyed.



This term we will be looking at the 7 continents and 5 oceans and making links to English when learning about the continent Africa. In addition to this, we will look at the continent Europe and learn about the physical and human features of England.



In Art we will look at the art work produced by Claude Monet focusing on his style of skills and how he developed his art work throughout his life time.



We will start our learning journey understanding the religions Christianity and Islam. We will then make comparisons of these religions and look at the similarities and differences.