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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 

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Year 2 
Autumn Term 

This term Year 2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London. They developed their knowledge on this topic through Art, Music and Geography. At the beginning of the term, we looked at the United Kingdom on a map and discovered it was made from 4 countries. This supported them to understand where London was located. Children compared what London looked like in 1666 to how it looks today they identified the differences between transport, buildings, jobs, and people. In Art we created a silhouette which represented buildings from 1666 this was contrasted with a bright background to represent the fire.  



This term we have be learning how to add more information into our sentences using conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. We have enjoyed reading Augustus and His Smile. We extended sentences from this book by using subordinating conjunctions such as when and because. We have found this unit of work very exciting as we had the opportunity to explore an imaginary rainforest through role play and we acted out parts of the story.  At the end of term, we planned our own story about a tiger on an adventure!



This term we have been focusing on place value from 0 to 100 we have been using place value cards, bead strings and base 10 to create different values. We have also been using different vocabulary to explain our process of learning whilst finding the correct answer to each question for example ‘I know 56 is greater than 49 because it has 5 tens and 6 ones but 49 only has 4 tens and 9 ones.’ We have also been using part whole models to find which numbers can be added together to make a whole number and we investigated missing numbers in a number sentence.