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Curriculum Intent 

At Saffron Green, we strive to create independent, reflective, responsible learners who are able to apply their mathematical skills across all areas of the curriculum and to wider life.

Our intent is to encourage children to explore and discover a range of approaches to deepen their own understanding and enthusiasm. Through a range of activities and approaches, we aim to promote the development of all children’s problem solving skills.

Through the implementation of Herts Essentials, children follow a journey in maths that promotes progression of mathematical concepts and skills. These daily maths lessons are designed to support the development of maths fluency and reasoning.


Curriculum Implementation

At Saffron Green we fully embrace the Maths Essential curriculum which develops fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We teach a clear sequenced curriculum which allows knowledge and skills to be gained at each stage. Through these carefully planned sequences, teachers are able to consistently assess and inform the children’s learning against age-related expectations.


 Please click on the link for the national curriculum for Mathematics guidance.

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