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Pupil Premium


Schools receive a payment, Pupil Premium, for each child who is currently eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) or has been eligible for Free School Meals with the last six years (FSM Ever 6). Children who are looked after (CLA), or children from service personnel, are also allocated funds within this Pupil Premium.


Schools are required to produce a strategy statement giving an overview of how it intends to spend its money for each academic year. See below for our latest statement:


Pupil Premium Strategy 2023-2024


The key objective of our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement is to narrow the attainment gap between children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who do not.  Through targeted interventions, we are working to eliminate barriers to learning and progress.  For children who are entitled to the Pupil Premium Grant, we aim that they will make positive progress throughout the curriculum.  We have analysed our data thoroughly, examined the impact of current interventions and have made use of a range of research to inform our decision-making. 


If you are unsure whether you are eligible to receive the Pupil Premium Grant then come in and speak with us or call the office on 0208 953 3801. Mrs Costa is more than happy to sit with you to guide you through through the website links and forms to complete. 

If you wish to take a look yourself at completing the eligibility forms then click the link below which will take you the Hertfordshire County Council website.

Hertfordshire County Council Website - Free School Meals/Pupil Premium