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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

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Year 6
Autumn term 

The Autumn term has been an exciting start to year 6. We have covered historical events during the Second World War We designed and made shelters and researched The Battle of Britain and The Blitz. In art we studied Henry Moore and his sketching of the impact of the war on London society. We then looked at the work of Banksy and created our own drawings in his style, relating to the current Covid pandemic. In science we have worked hard to study the human circulatory and digestive system, enjoying fun experiments to demonstrate the workings of the body. We have also looked at animal classification.



This term we have enjoyed a range of interesting and exciting literature. We wrote narratives linked to ‘The Wisp’, Learnt a huge amount about the solar system ending in writing a non-chronological text related to ‘Planetarium’, and wrote exciting dialogues about characters in the story ‘Night of the Gargoyles’.


Year 6 have worked extremely hard in Maths this term. We have become very proficient at completing early starters and reasoning questions from previous year 6 SATS papers. We have covered a range of areas including mental and written calculations for multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We have worked hard to understand a range of fraction topics and understood decimals, factors and prime numbers

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