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Year 1
Autumn Term

This term, we have been focusing on different topics within Science. We have learnt all about Animals including Humans, exploring the five different species and how we can identify them. The children have had lots of fun learning about how to classify animals and what it means to be an ‘omnivore’ and how this may apply to them.

Before Christmas we started to look at everyday materials and identify which materials we use our everyday life. The children have taken part in experiments to discover which materials are transparent, waterproof, absorbent and bendy. We used this to identify which materials we decorated the classroom with for Christmas, the children were amazed by how many materials are used to decorate our tree.

Next term we will be learning all about the History of Toys.



This term, we have looked at stories and instruction texts to help the children form clear sentences correctly using full stops and capital letters. We will continue to use our phonic knowledge to help us decode words when reading and to help us with our writing. The children loved creating their own dinner plate for The Gruffalo and then writing him instructions on how to prepare and cook all his lovely meals.


This term, we have been focusing on numbers 0-10. The children have been securing their knowledge of numbers, number bonds and identifying numbers in different ways. We have also begun to develop our addition and subtraction knowledge using a range of strategies and resources.