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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 

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Year 3 

Spring Term

I hope you have had an amazing Easter holiday! Let's get our teeth stuck in to some more learning...
Our curriculum lessons in Summer term are going to be getting very exciting.
In RE we will be lucky enough to begin exploring Hinduism and understanding the ideas and beliefs of the Hindu community. We may even get to taste some exciting new foods and explore some celebrations!
We will also be exploring further in to our Science understanding, with lots of experiments and hands-on learning. We will carry on some learning about plants as well as going on to learn abut some more living things. We will think specifically about how these are different to each other.

Finally, in our History we will begin to understand the Romans and their way of life, thinking particularly how this might have been similar to the lives we live now.



In English we will be starting our new topic in which we will understand the layout of narratives and produce our own. We will be using all of the skills that we have already learned as well as exploring some new features in detail. I look forward to seeing the children staring to use paragraphs in a wider rage of writing styles as they have done recently in their report writing. This learning will be supported by the story 'The Finger Eater'.


Year 3 have worked hard in Spring term to understand some new and tricky concepts using mental addition and subtraction. This term we are going to be deepening our understanding of Maths through exploring even more new concepts. This will include: further understanding of addition and subtraction using written methods, along with some statistics and some problem solving.


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Year 3

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