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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 

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Year 3 

Autumn Term

Welcome to year 3!
I hope you have had an amazing Summer holiday! Let's get our teeth stuck in to some learning...
Our curriculum lessons in Autumn term are going to be very exciting!
In RE we will be lucky enough to begin exploring Hinduism and understanding the ideas and beliefs of the Hindu community. We will think deeply about how this is similar and different to what we already know about Christianity.
We will also be exploring further in to our Science understanding, with lots of experiments and hands-on learning. We will be starting by using what we already know about materials to think about rocks, fossils and soils. We will then link this to our Geography learning and how these are impacted by weathering of different styles.

Finally, in our History we will begin to understand the Stone Age and their way of life, thinking particularly how this might have been similar to the lives we live now.



In English we will be starting our new topic in which we will work with the rest of the school to learn a range of writing styles. We will be using all of the skills that we have already learned in year 2 as well as exploring some new features in detail. I look forward to seeing the children staring to use the skills they learn and linking them together. This will all be supported by the book 'Africa, Amazing Africa'.


In Maths we will be recapping some of the skills that you have learned in Year 2 as well as pushing ourselves to go deeper in to our learning. We will be understanding some new concepts of learning such as new methods for multiplication and division as well as different types of measurement. There will be lots of exciting resources available to help us explore these concepts confidently.


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Year 3

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