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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 

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Year 3 

Summer Term

Welcome back to Summer term of year 3!
I hope you have had a most wonderful Easter holiday! Let's get our teeth stuck in to some more learning...
Our curriculum lessons in Summer term are going to be very exciting!
In Geography, we will be exploring deeper in to our understanding of plate boundaries. We will think specifically about Volcanoes and Earthquakes and how these are formed. Meanwhile we will show appreciation and understanding for the impact that these disasters may cause.
We will also be exploring further in to our Science understanding, with lots of experiments and hands-on learning. We will be starting by Investigating materials (solids, liquids and gases) in the first half of the term before moving on to Understanding light and seeing. The children will, through both of these areas of learning, develop a deeper understanding of what constitutes a fair test and therefore understand how to set one up for themselves. We will work on the best uses for the equipment that we have to make these fair tests possible. 

Finally, in DT we will be beginning to explore Food and how to make it. We will think about the different seasonal foods that are out there and how these impact what we eat. By the end the children will understand this in such a way that they will use their skills to design and make their own summer soup- yummy!



In English we will be starting our new topic, in which we will explore 'Ulf the Finger Eater'. The children will use what they know about writing stories to write their own version of a chapter, as well as developing new skills in Non-fiction writing to understand how to write a letter from the perspective of a character from the book. We will think hard about the different punctuation we can use and really explore deeper in to some new and exciting language that we could use in varying scenarios.


In Maths, we will be continuing to delve deeper in to our Year learning and some new concepts. This will start through understanding written multiplication and division. We will then think about how we can use the skills we know about and understand well to explore problem solving and how we can approach this systematically. In order to support the children of their learning in Maths, we will have a wide variety of equipment available. The children will further develop their understanding of what each piece of equipment might support them for the differing methods and therefore begin to select their of equipment to this effect.