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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 

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Year 4 
Spring Term
We have had a wonderful start to this academic year - we are lucky enough to have had some new children join our class and we have been busy building on our Year 3 learning. This term, we will be revisiting the topic of Romans. We will be recapping the learning covered in Year 3 and deepening it through the use of artefacts and research. Similarly, we will be revisiting the topic of Europe in Geography. In RE, we will be exploring and comparing Christianity and Buddhism - recognising and comparing the significance of symbols and actions in both religions. In Art, we will be exploring sculpture, myths and legends and, more specifically, the work of Peter Paul Rubens. Finally, Year 4 will be deepening their understanding of structures within DT!
In English this term, we will continue to use a variety of texts to develop our reading, writing and spelling. We will be starting the term with a modern fiction book called 'The Promise'. As a class, we have already loved exploring the book 'Gorilla' so we are looking forward to delving deeper into this genre. We will also be developing our understanding of plays and scripts as we prepare for our Easter play.

Year 4 have been working on their understanding of addition and subtraction during the Autumn Term. As we head into the Spring Term, we will be exploring multiplication and division, and will be using our prior learning to support us. We are also hoping to develop our problem solving skills - giving us the opportunity to apply our understanding of all four operations.
In Science, we will be revisiting the topics 'Movement, Forces and Magnets' and 'Understanding Plants'. As a class, we are refining our ability to work scientifically, and are looking forward to applying this to our first Physics topic of the year.
Something to look forward to:
This term, we will be producing a Year 3 and 4 Easter play. The children were brilliant in the play last year and are looking forward to taking on some more leading roles now that they are in the older year group.

Multiplication Check

This year your child will be participating in the multiplication tables check in June. The purpose of the check is to determine whether your child can fluently recall their times tables up to 12, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will also help your child’s school to identify if your child may need additional support.

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Year 4

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