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Early Years Foundation Stage 

Welcome to EYFS

Our Early Years Foundation Stage consists of Nursery and Reception. We offer 15 and 30 hour provision and all children in EYFS can attend our wrap around care from 7:45-8:45am and 3:15-6pm. We enroll Nursery age children from the day after they turn three.

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We use the platform Tapestry to record observations of our children to capture learning and progress made. Once your child has been created a profile on Tapestry, parents will recieve an email to create their own account. We aim to work in partnership with our parents and welcome our families to upload photos and videos of home experiences, to share this with our staff. Follow the instructions below on how to access your parent Tapestry account.

Early Reading

At Saffron Green we follow the systematic synthetics phonics programme, Read Write Inc.
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Reading for pleasure

To promote children's love of reading, children will visit our school library where a chosen book will be read to the class and children will take home a library book weekly. This is a book that may or may not be fully decodable but can be enjoyed with parents and family members as a book to read together.

Welcome to Early Years!

In the Spring term, the children have had some very exciting experiences. They created their own bakery role play and planted some bean seeds whilst looking at the plants life cycle through the 'Traditional tales' topic and have been on mini-beast hunts observing habitats and classifying different types of mini-beasts. The children were even looking after ducks from watching them hatch to growing and learning to swim!

Summer Term 2023

In phonics, the children will continue to recognise Set 1 sounds and begin to learn the beginning of Set 2 sounds, identifying these in words and develop fluency when reading. The children will apply their new phonic knowledge to segment and blend words for reading and spelling and are now accessing story books. The children will be learning to write longer sentences and begin to identify capital letters and full stops.

In Maths, the children will explore odd and even numbers, doubling and continue to count and explore number patterns beyond 20.

In the Summer term, children will be exploring the topics 'out of this world' and 'where in the world' where they will learn about space, travelling and holidays and countries from around the world. Through these topics, children will explore a wide range of texts to support their learning.

Everything we do in the EYFS is build around play. Playing helps young children’s brains to develop and supports maturity in their language and communication skills. It is important to recognise the crucial role that play has in early childhood development.