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Summer Term
This term, Reception have been very inquisitive and excited when learning about our topic 'out of this world'. Throughout this topic children have explored space travels, flying to the moon, naming some of the planets and learning about how astronauts explore space. The children started off by identifying different modes of transport in space and then what they would take to space with them on their journeys. The children explored the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy and discussed questions and information they would like to find out by asking questions The activities and lessons where then tailored to focus on these points. Some children even went on to explore space facts further at home, sharing their new knowledge at school. They were very shocked when they learned in space you float because there is no gravity!
Reception were comparing different environments to where they live now, expanding their vocabulary. We also had lots of fun in becoming superheroes and saving the classroom form The Evil Pea! The children really enjoyed reading a variety of books from the 'Supertato' series and even made their own superhero names and powers, to extend their role play.
In Literacy, the children have continued to develop our knowledge of recognising Set 1 and some Set 2 sounds, using these to help CCVC and CVVC words. The children have worked really hard to begin to read longer sentences and then writing consecutive sentences. They have also attempted writing sentences in relation to space themed photos, using word mats to help them.
In Maths, the children have been identifying numbers 1-20 and counting beyond this. They have been starting to explore numerical patterns and we are now recalling number bonds to 5 and then to 10. The children  investigated composition of numbers and adding and subtracting small amounts..