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Autumn Term
This term, Reception have been learning about our topic 'people who help us'. Throughout this topic children have identified different people who help us at home, in school and in the community. The children started off by thinking of information they would like to find out by asking questions, and we then tailored the lessons to focus on these points.
Reception have expanded their vocabulary by naming the different people who help us and are using this in their play. They have been role playing being fire fighters in our role play area, using new words taught e.g. fire, fire extinguisher, hose and even took part in a practice fire drill to understand how we keep ourselves safe in school! They then role-played being police officers, making their own handcuffs to arrest people who were doing naughty things like stealing toys!
In Literacy, the children have continued to develop our knowledge of recognising Set 1 sounds, using these to help is blend to read CVC words and using our Fred fingers to write some of these words. They have also attempted spelling words related to our topic, using word mats to help them.
In Maths, the children have been comparing lengths and weights. We went on a treasure hunt in the classroom to find objects that were taller/shorter than a selected size paper they had, and then ordered them from shortest to tallest. The children then investigated weighing different objects using pan balances, discussing how they knew something was lighter or heavier, and then weighing how heavy a toy was in cubes.