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PSHE is at the heart of all areas of the curriculum so that children develop the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to function and contribute as healthy and happy members of their community. Children will develop responsible decision-making skills, respect for self and others, regulation of their emotions and critical resilience skills for life’s challenges. Through teaching and learning we aim to give children the tools they will need in order to be happy, successful and aspirational.


Health wellbeing

For a rich and engaging curriculum, children will learn about the effects of mental health, sun exposure, a healthy diet and exercise, hygiene, sleep routines, life stages and the ability to name body parts. Through a variety of provisions, children will be equipped with the knowledge and skills for how to lead a healthy lifestyle and make safe and positive choices that will influence their wellbeing.



We are committed to develop the children’s understanding of similarities and differences between themselves and others. At Saffron Green we aim to provide an inclusive and holistic environment, where relationships are celebrated and children are taught to manage their own friendships and understand peer influence.


Living in the wider world

So that children have the opportunity to gain the skills to become valued and aspirational members of society, they explore a variety of global and community issues, such as protecting the environment and internet safety. Through role play, research and discussion, children are invited to thinking about different jobs and careers, this aims to inspire children to set and achieve personal goals.

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