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    FAO: EYFS and KS1 parents

    23 March 2024 (by Hayley Burchell (Hayley Burchell))

    At Saffron Green we really value early reading and are promoting reading for pleasure.
    We would love to see some photos which we can display at school to show how your child enjoys reading at home and what they enjoy reading. Try to make it as creative as possible!
    Can you find an imaginative space for your child to read? In the car, park, on the swing or even reading to your pet!
    Pictures can show where your child reads and what they enjoy reading! It would also be lovely to add some pictures of your child's favourite books. If you could send the title of the book your child enjoys reading and perhaps a sentence of what they like about the book, this can be added to the display to make it as personal as possible.
    If you scroll to the bottom of our website, you can see what your teachers like to read and where they like to read. 
    Please can all Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 parents email these pictures to
    We cannot wait to see all of your children's reading pleasures on display for all to see! Thank you for your support.