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    Saffron Green School Attendance

    30 November 2022 (by Amy Salsbury (admin))

    We aim to ensure that all children attend school regularly and on time wherever possible to ensure that they are able to make the most of the educational experiences offered at Saffron Green.

    Our aim is to raise an awareness of the importance of attendance with our families and will therefore, be sending out attendance letters this week to those families that fall below 90%.

    95% attendance is the expected national figure for all pupils, and so we will be reviewing this again at the beginning of the Spring term.  

    Any pupils that continue to fall below 90% will receive an invitation to come into school and discuss this further. 

    Pupils that fall below 90-95% at this time, will receive our initial letter of concern. 

    We want to work with you and offer all the support we can to ensure your child's attendance and progress in school, both academically and socially, continues to accelerate. 

    Thank your for your continued support and understanding,