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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2



This term Year 2 have been learning about Hinduism. We have learnt about the story of Ganesh and re-enacted the story through role play, to support us with our story writing. Year 2 have produced some amazing stories in Literacy, a few of these will be updated on our display. We also created beautiful Diwali lamps using air dough and glitter. The class designed their lamp before they moulded it into shape using the dough. Mixing a range of primary colours together we made many secondary colours. The class were inspired by the designs they saw online and created a few of their own adding their personal touch!


We also participated in a Diwali dance workshop which the class absolutely relished as they were able to link their learning into the workshop. We visited Bhaktivedanta Manor as part of our school trip. We were fascinated to find out George Harrison from the Beatles donated land to the manor. We found a range of quotes from the Beatles and our favourite one was you are the breath of life. The class participated in dressing up in traditional clothing and joining in with traditional dancing. Hugo exclaimed ‘’This music is perfect to meditate with it is relaxing.’’


In science we have been learning about our local habitats, micro and world habitats. Year 2 created pictograms to show what they found in the micro habitats which minibeasts live in. The class use MRS GREN to identify what living things need to survive.