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Nursery Class Welcome Video

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Watch this video to see your new Nursery teacher and TA for September 2020.

Reception Class Welcome Video

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Watch this video to see your new Reception teacher for September 2020.

Welcome to EYFS



This half term in Literacy we have been mark making, talking about what we have created, reading stories and learning songs. One of our class favourites is the song ‘If you’re happy, happy, happy’. 

Here are some pictures of use enjoying songs:




In Maths this half term we have been practicing counting 1-10 , looking closely at numbers 1-3 and using our fingers and objects to make these amounts and matching to the  correct numerals. We have also been learning about shapes and tried to find shapes on our environment walk, we have created artwork using shapes, sorted these shapes and compared them using words like big and small. Here are some pictures of us doing shape artwork.




Our curriculum focus this half term has been ‘All about me’.  During show and tell we have shared pictures and drawings of our families, our homes, our favourite toys and favourite special events we remember.  In our creative area and Literacy area we have had opportunities to talk about and draw what is important to us. In our role play and small world areas we have acted out the things we see and experience in our own lives.



This half term our topic has been People Who Help Us. To start this topic the children made a list of questions they wanted to find out the answers to.


We arranged for some professionals to visit our children. Firstly our caretaker came to describe how he helps the school, the children were very surprised with how many jobs he actually has to do. Our children were extremely excited when the police came to visit as they got to sit inside the police car and even turn on the sirens and lights!
The children gained a great deal of knowledge from using our class role play area. Firstly it was a hospital where the children took on the role of doctors and nurses and used bandages to mend broken bones. Secondly it became a police station where the children used  clues to find and arrest the baddies. We even made our very own fire engine after the Fire service visited! The local veterinary nurse also came and told us all about how they look after poorly animals.             


Our children worked incredibly hard to learn their lines for the Christmas play. Didn't they make us proud?
You could see the growth in confidence when speaking their parts and using movements to match the songs they learned. It was wonderful to see all so many parents come to watch their children and the children were so excited to see all the familiar faces in the audience.

In Phonics the children are growing in confidence and can identify more sounds and are begining to blend them to read CVC words. We are now starting to read and write simple sentences, for example 'a cat in a hat'.


In Maths the children have been continuing to identify and order numbers 1 - 20 and finding one more and one less than a given number.